The advisors of Continuum II have a diverse background and have achieved multiple designations. 

CFP – Certified Financial Planner

“The CFP marks identify individuals who are dedicated to the highest level of professionalism in providing financial planning advice. The CFP credential assures that your advisor adheres to internationally recognized professional standards of competence and ethical practice as set in Canada by the Financial Planners Standards Council. CFP standards include requirements in education, examination, experience and ethics – commonly known as the 4Es of professionalism.”

CSWP - Chartered Strategic Wealth Professional™

A distinguished group of wealth management professionals offering the most advanced services and advice in the industry. The CSWP Strategic Wealth designation is CSI's premier designation in wealth management and gives advisors the knowledge and experience necessary to serve the top tier of affluent, high net worth clients. Via the program, an advisor develops an understanding of the many advanced strategic wealth management concepts and practices that reflect current industry trends towards a more comprehensive style of wealth management.

A CSWP is qualified to coordinate every financial, and financially related, aspect of a clients' life. Working from an extensive understanding of a client's personality, circumstances and goals to plan and implement a comprehensive financial strategy. This strategy not only includes the innovative and exclusive vehicles and structures that wealth makes available, but also related professional services that support the overall strategy over the long term


RWM - Real Wealth Management

Real Wealth Management is about creating and managing inter-advisory and inter-generational relationships to help make the best decisions in meeting your financial goals.   Those with RWM designation have a deep and broad understanding of both the behavioural and financial skills required to manage family wealth over several generations.

CSC - Canadian Securities Course

The essential financial services credential. Recognized as the industry benchmark, providing an understanding of the Canadian financial services landscape and the various financial instruments such as mutual funds, equities, managed products, structured products, derivatives and more. Completion of the course provides a deeper knowledge of industry standards, codes of ethics, and the ability to accurately assess company, industry and market performance.

EPC – Elder Planning Counselor

“The EPC credential aims to “enrich the knowledge and understanding of professionals…who work in the 50+ age group, through education on topics focusing upon the evolving and specialized needs of Canada’s citizens as they age. …Working with the maturing client involves a "total needs approach", and these needs evolve from an individual's early wage-earning years and continue to change as the individual moves through the aging process.”

FMA – Financial Management Advisor

FMA holders are recognized as experts in serving the needs of today's wealthier and more sophisticated clients, with a focus on advanced Wealth Management Techniques and Portfolio Construction. This designation gives advisors the knowledge and expertise needed to handle complex wealth management issues and the ability to counsel high net worth clients. Advisors gain an enhanced understanding of the wealth management process, including estate and tax planning. As an FMA, there is an expectation of Truth, Integrity, Justice, Fairness and Honesty when dealing with clients and professional peers.

The FMA designation will always stand as a respected mark of achievement, but is no longer being offered.

RHU – Registered Health Underwriter

“A Registered Health Underwriter is a professional financial advisor specializing in living benefits, including income replacement and risk management solutions for individuals, business owners and professionals. The RHU is the only designation in Canada denoting specialized knowledge in all areas of living benefits and is the premier credential in the health insurance industry.”

FLMI – Fellow, Life Management Institute

“FLMI courses provide a foundation of insurance knowledge to foster…success in the insurance and financial services industry and teach the principles of business in a framework of policies, practices and examples relevant to the financial services industry, with a focus on life insurance within that industry.”

ACS- Associate Customer Service

“The Associate Customer Service (ACS) Program is a customized self-study customer service course, geared toward the property and casualty insurance industry and provides a solid knowledge base for service professionals.”

AIAA – Associate Insurance Agency Administration

“The AIAA credential emphasizes organization within the office; providing excellent customer service; the use of technology to enhance communications between offices; identifying compliance and ethical issues; make efficient use of an office's resources; develop leadership and problem-solving skills, and supervise employees to encourage teamwork.”