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“My husband and I had worked with other financial advisors and had received a variety of advice regarding our investment portfolio. We were happy with the service received, but were not entirely certain that the results of our plan were taking in all the elements of our bigger picture and would lead to the future we envisioned. We had many unanswered questions regarding our overall financial security that needed to be addressed. Being in our early 40’s with a recent career change and the death of a parent, we needed to be absolutely certain our financial future was on track.

After meeting with Lise and being introduced to the Continuum II Private Wealth Continuum™ planning process designed specifically for professional like us, we were convinced that this process could help us define our vision and provide the tools to reach our goals.

We noticed right away how different this approach was to anything we had experienced. We learned that our investments and our retirement plan are pieces of our financial picture, and that having one or the other in place is not the same as having a “financial plan”.

Lise began by asking us about our values and what was important to us as a family. She was prepared to review all of our financials including our insurance and wills. By our second meeting, we were able to clearly see how far we had come on our own while gaining perspective on how we would define our goals for the future. With Lise’s guidance, we created a dynamic and exciting vision of our future.

She also helped us to understand the gap between our current situation and the future we wanted. This led to the development of an action plan with reasonable and achievable timelines. Lise stays in touch several times a year to ensure we remain on track, and we find this communication reassuring.

The Private Wealth Continuum Binder™ holds a synopsis of all of our financials and is a great tool for us now, and also for our executors in the event of our deaths. Having all of these documents together provides peace of mind for us.

The uncertainty we felt has been replaced with a simple, clear plan of action. This process has led us to examine all areas of our financial security. We now recognize how the decisions we make in one realm impact the decisions we make in another. Lise’s first priority is to bring our vision into reality. Now we know we are on track to do just that.”

D.H, Burlington, client since 1998

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