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We Relay for many reasons. We all either have direct experience, or are connected to someone else with history of a cancer related illness. We join in the Relay with the belief that one day this will become an illness issue of the past and future generations will exist without enduring it. To that end, spending some time together in Bronte Creek Provincial Park each June seems like a small price to pay. 

Dania, Brian, Anita, Lori                    Peter, Laura and Gennaro                  One of our many laps
Cole, Hope & Aden

Hope & Aden                                     Dania, Mandy, Anita, Lori                Opening Ceremonies & Survivor Lap
                                                         Cole, Hope & Aden

                                                                Luminary Ceremony

Peter, Laura & Anita                             Stuart, Lori & Lise               


                          Cole & Aden during the Luminary Ceremony

Brian                                                3 silly boys                                    Dania with Cole & Mia

Our 2008 team and friends                  Walking the track                          Peter, Laura, Lori and Stuart 

  Laura, Aden & Peter                          Brian & Anita                                        Aden, Cole & Dania


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