Peter Andreana, BA Econ, CFP, CSWP, FMA, EPC, FEA, CIM

Business Owner Specialist

AKA Chief “Lunch” Officer

Investment Funds Advisor with Investia Financial Services Inc.

I am a holistic thinker and have a knack for looking at the big picture AND identifying all of the details that need to be filled in for that picture. I know the right questions to ask to build the strategy and plan required to get you to the end goal.

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Achievements and Accreditation

FEA (Family Enterprise Advisor). The global benchmark in family business providing professional advisory based on significant technical knowledge.

CIM® (Chartered Investment Manager) It is the industry standard for discretionary investment and portfolio management services. It is recognized by Canadian securities regulators and ensures those who earn it are qualified to evaluate and manage all aspects of an investment portfolio for sophisticated clients.

CFP (Certified Financial Planner) Adhere to internationally recognized professional standards of competence and ethical practice as set in Canada by the Financial Planners Standards Council.

CSWP (Chartered Strategic Wealth Professional) Qualified to service clients who have complex financial needs.

CIWM (Certified International Wealth Manager) Top credential to manage high net worth client needs.

EPC (Elders Planning Counselor) Qualified to work with adults 55 plus to take a total needs approach and provide practical solutions.

Responsible Investment Specialist (RIS) Provides practical knowledge of Canada’s responsible investment (RI) marketplace. It equips investment professionals with the knowledge they need to discuss environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues with Canadian investors.

Courses Completed:

CSC (Canadian Securities Course) Industry benchmark and licensing requirement to deal in securities, mutual funds and alternative funds.

CPC (Conduct & Practices Course) Comprehensive understanding and following of the rules, regulations, practices and ethics of financial management.

PMT® (Portfolio Management Techniques) Understanding of advanced portfolio management techniques suitable for high-net-worth clients and institutional investors.

IMT®(Investment Management Techniques) A broader investment portfolio perspective to service clients.

WMTC (Wealth Management Techniques Course)

FMA (Financial Management Advisor Program)

Industry Associations requiring high level qualification:

MDRT Top of the Table (Million Dollar Round Table) MDRT is an exclusive association of financial services professionals that meet stringent guidelines and adhere to strict ethical standards and excel in helping others with their financial needs. Top of the Table is reserved for the elite of the elite and less than 1% receive this designation.

CALU (Conference for Advanced Life Underwriting) With a focus on advanced planning issues members provide personal financial, business succession, estate planning, wealth creation, retirement planning and employee benefits services.

My Unique Abilities

Peter is energetic, a true professional, thinking clearly and strategically, identifying and prioritizing key issues in very complex structures and situations, digging deeply with research, finding answers to complex questions, seeking the best solutions rather than the most obvious ones, and interacting with others personably, outgoingly, and empathetically.


Energetic and hard working.

Clear thinker who can strategize.

Identifies key issues quickly and prioritize solutions.

Enthusiastic researcher capable of finding answers to complex questions.

Seeker of best, not the most obvious solutions.

Personable and outgoing.

Empathetic to the needs of others.

In My Free Time

You'll Find Me...

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Breaking bread – wine and cheese and soppressata! I enjoy having dinner with my wife Laura and our three kids, extended family and friends.

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Expanding my knowledge. Courses, conferences – it is important that I continually learn to provide value for my clients.

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On the field, court, ring, snowboarding hill – mentoring my kid’s athletic abilities.