Humans Thrive Off Interpersonal Interactions.

Now more than ever we are feeling effects on our mental wellbeing

This is the time to reinforce your employees support programs

Valuable Resources

For Your Employees Health and Wellness

Share the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with staff, including contact information.

Remind employees of their group benefits paramedical coverage for psychologist, social workers, psychotherapist, and counsellors. These can be done virtually by qualified practitioners.

Frequently communicate with employees about workplace safety, hygiene, news, and their job security. Rewarding and recognizing employees’ dedication and work efforts also goes a long way.

PocketPills is a digital pharmacy that delivers right to your door – the service is free to sign up and introduces 15% savings in drugs per year.

Akira is an on-demand digital healthcare app that allows employees to consult a practitioner 24/7 right on their phone or laptop. No appointments necessary & no unnecessary waiting rooms for these crazy scary times.


Tips and Tricks

  • Stick to a routine
  • Eat healthy
  • Accept that anxiety and fear are normal
  • Seek credible information
  • Challenge worries and anxious thoughts
  • Practice relaxation and meditation
  • Seek support
  • Be kind to yourself and your thoughts
  • Decrease consumption of caffeine, alcohol smoking and/or vaping
  • Get proper rest
  • Stay active

Support Programs

For All Canadians

The government has introduced an abundance of support programs for all Canadians. Since they are reviewed and adjusted frequently, I have included a handy document created by Baker Tilly Canada. The exhaustive list includes the benefits available to Canadians, the eligibility criteria, how to apply and additional information.

Looking for more? Check out these links below:

Federal relief measures guide at Apr 21st ’20 from Baker Tilly

Government of Canada COVID -19 Information and Resources

Did You Know

The Positives of COVID-19

Look at how the world is working together and supporting each other.

Air pollution has dropped nearly 30%.

Using Technology to communicate delivering workout programs and school courses online

More family time and time to do things we could not do before.

We have proven our adaptability and work from home capabilities.

More time to read books, educate, and revisit old hobbies like painting.

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