As a young professional, everyday feels like you are moving mountains trying to make an impact in your respective industries. Often time our biggest hurdle is the internal battle within ourselves.

Starting out in your professional career often comes with monumental changes in your personal life. Finding your balance is a tough task (Note: balance isn’t always 50/50).

The 5 th episode of the See It Differently Podcast I am a co-host on addresses the #1 Common Mistakes by Young Professionals. The episode focuses on business and personal development as you grow in your career.

The episode is also on Spotify and Apple music. There is an icon on the website to direct you there.

There are 3 key highlights covered in this episode of the #1 Common Mistakes by Young Professionals. These are:


As income increases, their lifestyle increases equally. Learn about the value of living for both today and tomorrow.


Feeling the need to fill the room with words to prove your worth. Less can be more.


Not trusting the process and timing for career advancement. Movement and speed don’t always win the race.

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