If you’ve ever thought…

“What would happen to my business if I got sick?”

“If I became disabled or couldn’t work anymore, how would we live?”

“If I passed away how would my family manage?”

Our Insurance Team Is Happy To Help You!

Staying One Step Ahead

With The Right Team

 Through the development of your Financial Plan, we take a strategic approach to managing risk and assess multiple options from multiple suppliers to find the plan that is just right for you.

  • Critical Illness Insurance (CI)
  • Disability Insurance (DI)
  • Key Person Strategies
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Partner Buyout Strategies
  • Partner Disability Strategies
  • Personal Health & Dental Insurance
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Universal Life Insurance
  • Whole Life and Quick Pay Life Insurance

What may have been ideal at one time, might not be a fit as you and your family grow and change. That’s why we regularly review your policies along with your investments to make sure they are still providing the level of protection needed by you and your family.

Our Partners

Canada Life (formerly GWL, London Life)
Canada Protection Plan
Equitable Life

Industrial Alliance
Sun Life

We are fully licensed by the Canadian regulatory body of the Financial Services Commission of Ontario to sell products; as Certified Financial Planner professionals, our financial planners also abide by the CFP Professional Code of Ethics.