15 days’

vacation at hire


15 days’ vacation at hire

…20 days after two years

American Express

28 days’ vacation;

can …buy or sell vacation


15 days’ vacation

at hire

Advantages of Offering More Vacation

What set’s you apart from any other employer?

Your Brand?

Your customer service?

Your employee engagement?

Facts About More Vacation

And Increased Employee Productivity

Attractive Job Prospect for Unique, High Skilled, and Rare Workers

Chances are if you are hiring and are looking for the best candidate your money can buy, vacation time can easily influence an individual to pick you. Increased vacation time showcases the company’s consideration for maintaining work-life balance and providing its employees the freedom to take care of other responsibilities.

Higher Employee Productivity

Detaching from work allows the mind to relax and de-stress. Then once you get back to work you are able to structure your thoughts clearly and bring your best potential. The disconnect that vacationing allows, helps boosts mental and physical wellbeing. Skills like problem solving, active listening, decision making, organization, communication, and overall attitude are refreshed.

A relaxed mind is also able to think freely and creatively. Creativity is especially useful in technological, media, advertising, and engineering industries.

Companies can also tie job performance to time off allocations. After all, hard work pays off!

Improved Company Culture

Rejuvenated employees = happy employees.

Generational Needs

In The Work Place

Generational needs are changing. Baby boomers (1946-1964) are exiting the workforce into retirement and Gen X (1965-1976) employees are flowing into the more senior positions. Now it is time to prepare for the increase of millennials (1977-1995) and entry of Gen Z (1996+) employees.

What do baby boomers and Gen X employees want from a workplace?

Great compensation retirement

Long-term opportunities


What do millennials and Gen Z employees want from a workplace?


Communication transparency

Strong Values/Societal Impacts

Did You Know

The Ministry of Labour’s top 5 violations for 2018/2019:

Public Holiday/Holiday Pay

Overtime pay

Vacation pay: Written Agreements

Vacation Pay/Time

Record Keeping

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