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Bringing people together to share good food and conversation. We believe this is one of life’s simple joys and an important part of wellbeing.

Clarity; life can be complex, the people you work with shouldn’t be.


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Women in Business


We enjoyed an enlightening and empowering day sharing wisdom and experiences with women in business. A big Thank You to our keynote speaker, Danielle Saputo who shared her story and insights from her latest book, I Am Enough.

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Family Fall Harvest


A fun day for the family! We celebrated the changing seasons together with a Fall Harvest party at the Andreana Family Farm. Attendees were able to get up close and personal with the adorable farm animals, enjoyed delicious foods, took in the beautiful Fall scenery, and left with goodies of apples and pumpkins!

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Top 3 Finalist
Employer of the Year

Continuum II humbly celebrates our Top 3 Finalist status for Employer of the Year at the Burlington Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. We believe in the power of nurturing our employees, because they are the heart of our exceptional client service. Honoured to stand alongside like-minded businesses, we are ever grateful to our dedicated team and our valued clients who continue to trust us. 

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Market discussion

With so much going on around the world from recession concerns, inflation fears, interest rate hikes, and locally the impact on our housing market; you are not alone if you are feeling uneasy about what it all means, and if/how it may impact you. Peter Andreana and Michael Bonomo share insights and answer questions about what the future could look like. 

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The Business of Being a Lawyer

The Four Keys to Lead You to Success

Learning from those who have gone before you makes sense and dollars! For new lawyers, Financial Planner Michael Bonomo has taken the guess work out of how to build a successful law practice. Michael interviewed experienced, prosperous lawyers and crafted their words of wisdom into an easy to follow “playbook” that is a must read for every new lawyer. Download your complimentary pdf version. 

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The Continuum II Advantage

YouTube Channel

Explaining the Continuum II advantage to family and friends can be a challenge. Whatever their needs, our short and to the point animated videos tell the story so you don’t have to! Thanks for being part of the Continuum II family and telling your family and friends about us. 

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Continuum 2 - 25 years

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25 Years

Continuum II is proud to be celebrating their 25th Anniversary. Stay tuned for more details as the year unfolds. Thank you to all of our customers for your continued support. We couldn’t do it without you!

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Mental Health


Connecting with others and prioritizing our wellbeing can support a healthy mental state! Learn some of the impacts of stress on your body and possible resources available to begin your pathway to wellbeing – a special feature in honour of Mental Health Week.

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Fresh Fruit and Herbs

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During Covid

Managing your wellbeing during COVID-19 is mission critical! Learn about some of the available financial resources, suggestions on how to adapt to working from home, managing staying indoors while taking care of your nutritional needs (plus download the free easy meals cookbook).

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Social Distancing in the Great Outdoors

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& The Markets

Have you been following along with COVID-19 and are uncertain what this means for your investments? Join Peter and Taylor as they focus on the facts (not fiction) and what we know vs. what we feel.

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Calendar and Calculator RSP Season

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Things to Know

During RRSP Season

Not exactly sure of the benefit of RRSP season, or how to contribute to your own RRSP? Watch as Peter and Taylor briefly run through the basics, and the “red flags” of RRSP season.

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Fallen Leaf

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Your Life Insurance Options

Unsure what you need and what options are available to protect you and your family? Peter walks through the different types of life insurance including Term, Universal Life (UL) and Whole Life Par participating insurance (20-Pay).

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A plant in critical condition

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Learn More

Critical Illness Insurance?

Wondering if you should consider Critical Illness Insurance? Find out the why and the types.

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Slicing Bread

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Eat Drink


A fun night for clients to break bread together and learn how to make gourmet Italian favourites. Now that’s living la dolce vita!

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