Tailored To Suit You!

If you’ve ever thought “I wish I could find someone that cares about my financial well being as much as I do” you’ll find a fit with Continuum II. We know you’ve worked hard to get to where you are, and continuing to grow and prosper is important.

There’s no off the rack solutions here! Beginning with the end in mind, together we identify your goals and vision. Next, the plan to get you there is documented to make sure we’re on the same page. On going, we monitor and share your progress and connect with you to stay up to date on your current and future needs.


Continuum II Begins

Seeing a need for a more comprehensive and holistic approach to financial well being, Lise Andreana began envisioning Continuum II – and incorporated with the goal of becoming a boutique advisory firm for meaningful financial service dialogue. The name was chosen with a deeper meaning. The continuum represents never ending and the II stands for wealth that transfers to the next generation. The leaf icon is a symbol of growth.


Doors Open in Downtown Burlington

Knowing there is strength in numbers and collaborating she reached out to Stuart Small. As a risk management specialist, Lise saw the need to round out the client experience and partnered with Stuart, a retirement planning specialist. To meet clients needs and to provide a great space to meet, Continuum II opened its office in Downtown Burlington. With comprehensive financial services and employee benefits knowledge Lori Latvala was excited to join the company. In 2005 Anita Fair came on board to provide the backend support needed for growth.


Team Travel to Celebrate achieving AGM Goal

Believers you should practice what you preach, and all companies need to prosper, Continuum II committed to an annual team off-site to develop the goals and direction for the upcoming year and identify changing needs. While goal achievement has its own rewards sharing it together as a team is the icing on the cake! With that in mind, a fun filled destination is set as the reward for the team’s hard work. The team’s first celebration was in Puerto Vallarta with a team of 4.


Peter Andreana buys Lise Andreana’s (his mother) shares

Having grown up in an entrepreneurial family, Peter knew first hand the joys and challenges owning a business can bring. With several years experience under his belt, Peter was ready to take things to the next level for both him and his clients. Peter bought into Continuum II as a partner and made a commitment to support business owners with their personal and company financial needs.


Achieve Goal / Team Travel – Mayan Riviera


Time to grow to a new location

As Continuum II grew it was time to move to a new space. Enjoying what Downtown Burlington has to offer, Continuum II found an ideal space just around the corner and took up residence in the Manse Building. A warm welcome, great espresso or whatever beverage you prefer continues to be part of the experience.


Achieve Goal / Team Travel – Celebrity Caribbean Cruise


Achieve Goal / Team Travel – Royal Caribbean Lines, Caribbean Cruise


Employee Benefits gets a Boost with HR Support and Health and Wellness

Partnering with businesses is the Continuum II way and through their unique Employee Benefits approach of managing all of the paperwork and questions directly for clients, questions began to come up about HR and building a healthier workplace. An HR expert was introduced to provide support and wellness sessions became part of the offering.


Achieve Goal / Team Travel – Norwegian Caribbean Cruise


Start offering Family Business Advisory

Continuum II starts offering Family Office services with Ultra-high-net-worth families to manage the complexity of their wealth while helping the family and business to continue to grow.


Achieve Goal / Team Travel – Club Med Ixtapa Mexico

Celebrating 25 years


Achieve Goal / Team Travel – Fai Della Paganella Italy with a team of 12


We continue to grow, needing more space, and secure a new location in Waterdown

How We Work

Are you tired of filling in forms and combing through statements? Relax, we’ll take care of it! We fill in the blanks and summarize results to save you both time and effort. You can count on us to be fully transparent with the compensation structure. A service level overview takes out the guess work, meaning you know exactly what to expect. Welcome to the Continuum II way.