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Group Benefits – Best Practices in your best interest

Does your company have the liability protection you need for your Group Benefit? Below you’ll find crucial best practices, your guide to good governance.

Group Benefits – Navigating Late Applicants and Waivers

Did you know the eligibility period for new employees who have passed their probation period is typically 30 days?
Meeting the deadline is important and here’s why.

Group Benefits Best Practice Tip: Salary Updates

Have you recently changed employee’s salaries? Did you know it is important to notify your benefits carrier of the change or changes as they occur?

#1 Common Mistakes by Young Professionals

As a young professional, everyday feels like you are moving mountains trying to make an impact in your respective industries. Often time our biggest hurdle is the internal battle within ourselves.

What is Wealth

Being wealthy is typically perceived as having an abundance of money. However, that is only 1 type of wealth – Financial Wealth.

Living Benefits

If you become disabled or are ill and cannot work, your bills do not stop. Living Benefits help cover these costs while you recover in different ways.

Welcome 2022

The New Year brings new challenges and new opportunities.

Patience Is A Virtue

We have seen recent market volatility and it is expected to continue. What does this mean for your long-term portfolio… absolutely nothing!

How accurate are Questrade commercials?

Questrade’s claim of retiring “30% wealthier” is misleading as they fail to mention what they compare their stats against.


One of the most common question I get as a financial advisor is “Should I invest in a TFSA or RRSP”. The truth is, there is no straight forward answer. Everyone’s situation is different, and each account type has its advantages.

Working with an Advisor

The benefits of working with a financial advisor stretch beyond investment advice. Well trained and
credentialed advisors take a holistic view – essentially considering all the variables.

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Many people dream of becoming a millionaire but stop there, thinking it is only that – a dream.